Friday, June 10, 2011

I feel so unromantic

My girl friend is dating boys... and telling me stories about the boys.. (I'm still waiting for my girl friend to start a blog about her dating life because gosh there's a lot of crazy things going on there)... Anyway I digress, so she'll be telling me things like:
1. This boy I met created a facebook page, and he said he did it for me because he never had a fb profile before

My reaction: what???? Are you sure he's not just creating a fake fb profile to share with you since he has some stuff he wants to hide??

2. This boy I met wants me to meet him in this other city for a weekend...

My recation: what???? don't go he just wants to hook up.. tell him to come to your city

Really I'm an unromantic person... and not a trusting person either ...

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