Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fellow bloggers, please help me...

Per Manda Mack's kind comment on my previous post where I'm complaining about being in a wedding rut, I'm turning to you guys for help...

Let's start with my wedding theme: casual, elegant, intimate.
Guest count: 150 to 175
Venue: Art Museum at the lawn, so outdoor. Reception and Ceremony at the same place (see picture of the lawn on top, that's the venue)
Details done:
1. Lanterns over the dance floor
2. String lights over the rest of the area
3. Circle ceremony inspired by picture above
4. Serving lemonade, ice tea, water for cocktail hours

What I can't figure out:
1. How do I bring in my Indonesian culture into this without being too much/ cheesy? Thinking of having an Indonesian dessert bar, next to my cake.
Have bought Indonesian puppet male and female, not sure where to put it (see image)
I bought this batik cloth (See image on top where the groom uses a black and white indonesian batik as this what do you call it - handkerchief on the pocket?). Should I create a bunting flags to put over the last row of chair behind ceremony? Or maybe put it behind my bride and groom chairs? Should i follow this and put it on the groom's handkerchief and on the bride's bouquet?

2. Very concerned about the whole feel of the wedding, the event design specifically. I only have talked to the forist for now. Should I be starting DIY projects too? AAHHH... See I'm like all over the place I dont know what to doo... help

Also want to direct you guys to SMP which just posted this wedding in Bali incorporating some of the indonesian culture...


  1. So, with a September 17th wedding I definitely don't think it would be a bad idea to start your DIY projects. My biggest advice would be to start something you're really excited to work on since you're already in a "rut" of sorts!

    I don't think I really know what you mean by "Indonesian bar" but when I think of "Indonesian Wedding" I think of rich/bright colors, lots of gold, and cool patterns. I think using a variety of batik fabrics (bunting, pocket squares for the guys, wraps around the handle of bouquets, maybe table runners or squares of the fabric under your centerpieces, etc.) would definitely be an exotic/interesting/classy way to incorporate your Indonesian culture. The key would be not using too much of it (think occassional focal point, not batik threw up all over your wedding lol).

    I think the puppets could look really cool being displayed with a unique cardbox or guest book. Like one pupet on either side of a really cool, exotic, Indonesian inspired cardbox.

    And as for feeling like you're all over the place, I would start with a list. Start with a list of what you things you have figured out (lanterns, florist, venue, etc.) and the things you still need to figure out. Then break either list down into stuff you're going to purchase/hire and stuff you plan on DIYing and figure out what you can get done early and which projects will have to wait until closer to the big day!

    Ok, so that's a ton of information and if you have any more specifics just throw them out there!

  2. yeah i cant figure what i want to DIY next.. I did the envelope liner and label..

    I meant the indonesian dessert bar OOpss typo... I knoww right want to make sure it's not overdone on the Indonesian end... Indonesian inspired cardbox... MMMM..... i need to look into this more....

    Thank youuuu!!!