Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sneak peek Indonesian wedding details

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the Indonesian wedding reception, but here are a couple from our florist.. which is more of the details and flower shots

Honeymoon Part II: Bali

We flew the 30 minutes flight from Lombok to Bali on a smaller airplane.. After relaxing in the quaint and less developed Lombok, Art was surprised at how developed Bali was. Our first stay in Bali is at Komaneka Tanggayuda in Ubud. They have 3 locations in Ubud itself and we picked the most secluded one, which also is farther than the central Ubud, but with that view and amazing outdoor pool and outdoor bath tub and tea time in the afternoon and your own comfortable PJs... I am in heaven!! This is the best villa i have ever stayed in, granted that I have not stayed in many villa and more hotels. But service is amazing, the manager greeted us when we arrive, write hand written welcome and thank you note... I really really really loveeee this villa. i will be back for sure...
We also did a bike tour which was harder than we thought.. UGH! Arthur actually got into a minor fall while riding the bike.. I chose to be the last one in the group (really like 5 minutes behind everyone) to avoid crowding of the bikes and really because I couldn't catch up to them UGH..
The following pictures are our visit to Uluwatu temple.. it's such a big temple right by the cliff... We watched the Kecak dance (which is where a group of men will make circle and sing and make up the 'stage' where other dancer will act on a Hindu story).