Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration: Flower bouquet

Of all the wedding planning things I have done, my most favorite thing ever... is the wedding flowers.. I love gathering inspiration pictures of flower bouquet / arrangement ( Even after I finalize and not going to change my wedding flowers). i am even inspired to take flower arrangement classes (much to my fiance's disagreement)... He's probably scared I'll jump ship from a good paying job in finance to maybe a florist? although they probably make good money too..

So I don't want to get all my inspiration boards to waste, I want to share all my favorite bouquets to you.. and if you need me to figure out where i grab it from (which will be hard) but leave me a comment, and I will try to see if I can find the source of it and perhaps the whole wedding related to the bouquet.. some of the special ones I still remember :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding jewelry search.. Necklace reveal

wedding jewelry is a painful search... for now this is what I have.. a necklace that I will pick up hopefully tomorrow, sitting slightly lower than the picture :) What are you wearing for your wedding jewelry and are you having a hard time finding it?

Sneak peak my wedding dress...

I really don't want to share yet.... but.... can't help it.. so sneak peek... I had my second fitting appointment today... more to come... after mid September :P

Monday, August 22, 2011

Who's with me to vote off this shirt and bow tie combo

OK FIRST.... think about casual elegance theme, silver, light pink, ballgown Vera Wang dress, soft , romantic yet modern...

And then see this:

Who is with me to vote off this shirt and bow tie combo that my fiance wants to wear for our wedding day???

Indonesian traditional dress reveal

I always love the dress change that people do at weddings... Nothing too crazy .. (I've been a MOH that helps the bride to change dresses 7 times).. a lot of my friends here change dress to cheongsham /qipao which is the chinese traditional dress.. and while I am Indonesian chinese.. I don't feel any connection to a qipao.. what I want to wear is instead an Indonesian traditional dress called kebaya.. at first i was reluctant to do it.. i have to make it in indonesia.. can't really fit it in indonesia bla bla bla.. but finally my coworker push me to do it (she changed to her vietnamese traditional dress).. with the help of my MOH/fashion designer... here's how it goes

The dress design:

the fabric selection:

the rejected fabric -

the selected fabric -

Finallly, the dress:

It looks a million times better on me and up close, the detailed, the beadings, the colors.. but it's being altered right now.. slightly too big on me.. and it imposes more problem: you see that big gap in the front = need shoes = my jimmy choo silver shoes does not work with dress = need to get a pair of gold shoes...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bourbon, the ring carrier

If only my dog can do this... the battle of getting Paris into the wedding ensue..

My 3 bridesmaid dresses... AWWW...

ok first see my inspiration pictures..... for design and colors...

Next see some design that my fashion designer Maid of Honour has designed for the dresses/ her inspiration:

and next up the dressess...

missmatched pink bridesmaid dresses...

Aww.. what do you all think? The middle one is from BCBG on sale... the other two were custom made..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

While we are trying to figure out first dance songs and all.... I really really loveee this church entrance dance.. i mean hello.. they're at a church?? my church wouldn't let me do this.. for sure.. ahahaha hillariouss.. you need to see this.. 70 million views!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A typical western wedding gown in Indonesian party

How do they walk in this thing?? How do they dance or move around? How do you even bustle this thing?? You probably don't bustle it at all.. mm... interesting :) What do you guys think about a long train for the dress

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Engagement Picture by JAC Photogprahy

Our second set of engagement picture by Jac Photography is out... yayy... you can see here some of the things I'll be using for the wedding: cute grey and white straws; indonesian batik cloth; paris (Ok so FI thinks I should not have paris as our ring bearer because he has separation anxiety, he barks like crazy , he can't walk nicely on his leash... ) boo............ no like....

ok what do you think of the picturessss???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Bridal Trunk Show

The Vera Wang Spring 2012 Trunk Show will be held on Thursday September 1st through Saturday September 3rd, at the Vera Wang Melrose boutique.

Please call to schedule your appointment:

Vera Wang Bridal
8445 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles CA