Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration: Flower bouquet

Of all the wedding planning things I have done, my most favorite thing ever... is the wedding flowers.. I love gathering inspiration pictures of flower bouquet / arrangement ( Even after I finalize and not going to change my wedding flowers). i am even inspired to take flower arrangement classes (much to my fiance's disagreement)... He's probably scared I'll jump ship from a good paying job in finance to maybe a florist? although they probably make good money too..

So I don't want to get all my inspiration boards to waste, I want to share all my favorite bouquets to you.. and if you need me to figure out where i grab it from (which will be hard) but leave me a comment, and I will try to see if I can find the source of it and perhaps the whole wedding related to the bouquet.. some of the special ones I still remember :)


  1. wow! those are all amaaazing inspiration photos!

  2. Wedding flowers were by far my favorite part too :)