Monday, August 22, 2011

Indonesian traditional dress reveal

I always love the dress change that people do at weddings... Nothing too crazy .. (I've been a MOH that helps the bride to change dresses 7 times).. a lot of my friends here change dress to cheongsham /qipao which is the chinese traditional dress.. and while I am Indonesian chinese.. I don't feel any connection to a qipao.. what I want to wear is instead an Indonesian traditional dress called kebaya.. at first i was reluctant to do it.. i have to make it in indonesia.. can't really fit it in indonesia bla bla bla.. but finally my coworker push me to do it (she changed to her vietnamese traditional dress).. with the help of my MOH/fashion designer... here's how it goes

The dress design:

the fabric selection:

the rejected fabric -

the selected fabric -

Finallly, the dress:

It looks a million times better on me and up close, the detailed, the beadings, the colors.. but it's being altered right now.. slightly too big on me.. and it imposes more problem: you see that big gap in the front = need shoes = my jimmy choo silver shoes does not work with dress = need to get a pair of gold shoes...


  1. Hi! Does your MOH take order for kebaya? I've been looking for one for my wedding as well but don't know where to look. Thanks!

  2. Hi Nikke

    My MOH is back in Jakarta now and she is taking order for Kebaya. Where do you live?

    This is her linkedin, let me know if you dont see her email address on her linkedin profile and i can intro you

  3. I live in Toronto, Canada. Do you think she can make and ship it? :( I can't see her email address on her linkedin. Thanks for your help! :)

  4. Hi Ivana, I don't get any notifications here if you reply my comment. Do you mind emailing me instead at n.swidja(at)
    Thanks!! :)