Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 3 bridesmaid dresses... AWWW...

ok first see my inspiration pictures..... for design and colors...

Next see some design that my fashion designer Maid of Honour has designed for the dresses/ her inspiration:

and next up the dressess...

missmatched pink bridesmaid dresses...

Aww.. what do you all think? The middle one is from BCBG on sale... the other two were custom made..


  1. I LOVE these. I wanted mismatched dresses soooo badly, but it just didn't work out :(

  2. yayy.. i love them too.. why didn't it work out for you?

  3. I too wanted mismatched .. but seeing as no one could agree on anything i didnt want to complicate things!! These are wonderful this was actually my dream bridesmaid color!