Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coton de tulear dreaming

Not only Paris love to use the pillow..he also likes to dream and whine...

Two Weeks of Chilling

Two weeks ago I got laid off from work.. I didn't really expect it so it came as a shock.. i do know that it was about time for me to leave since I have been looking for new opportunity for a while but nothing seems to solidify. In a way getting laid off was a good kick in the ass to start something and also with a couple months severance, I can get paid while working on my business idea...

The first week (scratch that, the first day), I was just sad...... not so much for losing a job.. more so that I am sad that I won't get to see my co-workers much, on that note I didn't really get to say goodbye to them since I took off pretty quickly. But afterwards, i got on the groove on becoming the next Real Housewives of Brentwood (woot woot woot.. ok fine West LA but i am practically 3 blocks away from Brentwood so I'm migrating myself)..

The thursday after I got laid off, I pretty much spent the rest of the day and the week... watching Bones. Seriously the show is addicting!! and I love seeing the chemistry between Bones and Booth.. I got netflix so I am pretty much glued to the TV.... I was also itching ITCHING to travel... but no one seems to want to travel with me. ok because they are working and I am not.. BOOOO......... I wanted to go to hawaii on my own but it will cost $1000... which i dont want to spend.. I want to go to cabo.. but no one want to go..

oh well so after 2 weeks (make it 1.5 weeks) Arthur gave me a kick to start working on my business idea.... it's in the works... but it will be a social entrepreneurship that will empower Indonesian women. I've always been a little bit of feminist (notice how I did not change my name..) and obviously being raised by a successful businessMOM definitely shape me to be this way. I am also forever grateful for the fact that I got a scholarship to study to Singapore when I was young, and without that experience I doubt I would have been here in Los Angeles, a world away from Indonesia. My mom always told me how many obstacles she had for starting her own business just because she was a woman and thus this is why I'd like to start a social business that empowers women.

I am also reading Blake Mycoskie's TOMS "Start Something that Matters" book which is inspiring and obviously in line with this social entrpreneurship thing I am working on .. so stay in tune!! I will be posting some survey link for ladies so ping me in the comment if you want to get involved.. Can't divulge much but it has something to do with this gorgeous Indonesian batik scarf... Seriously how beautiful is this piece.. one of my favorite

Anyway I'd like to still travel somewhere soo anyoneee??

I've been spending most of my time doing yoga..... farmers market.. you know typical brentwood housewives type.. I figured if I am going to be unemployed , I better be a hot unemployed type.. right? I know.. i have this duality of wanting to be a brentwood housewife and the other side that wants to start a business to empower women. You can have it all, no?