Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Indonesian traditional dress

Without further a do.. here's the design that my Maid of Honor comes up with for my Indonesian traditional dress that we will custom make by an Indonesian tailor.... Awww loooovvvveeee.................... This budget will come out of the Indonesian budget :P :P :P can't afford it in the US budget.. My fiance thinks I'm cheating when I do this...

Are you incorporating something cultural on your wedding?

It's expensive to be a bridesmaid

An article on CNN about the cost of being a bridesmaid... Gosh I kinda feel bad for my bridesmaids... Luckily I am covering their bridesmaid dresses , make up and the hotel before my wedding day and most of them have a place in LA which is good...

See here or read below. What do you think, are you reluctant about being a bridesmaid?

-- Friends have asked Brianne Bricker to be their bridesmaid so many times, that this summer she finally had to say "no."
It's not that the 24-year-old didn't want to be in her friend's wedding, but after spending more than $5,000 on nine weddings over the last two years, she literally just can't afford one more.
"It's hard, because she's somebody I'd want to have in my wedding," Bricker said, referring to the bride she turned down who is a close college friend.
But Bricker isn't the only bridesmaid to feel the burden of wedding expenses.
After adding up the cost of the dress, accessories, travel expenses, wedding gifts and more, found that it costs about $1,695 to be a bridesmaid. The estimate was based on a 2010 Real Weddings study that surveyed more than 20,000 brides nationwide.
The highest expenses include travel to the wedding, shower and bachelorette party, which each can cost an average of $300.
Stars talk about "Bridesmaids"
Many bridesmaids don't realize how quickly the expenses can add up, says Amy Eisinger, associate editor of
"From the moment they announce the engagement, to the day your friend walks down the aisle, if that's a year and a half, you don't realize that you've spent $1,600," she said.
As the economy struggles out of a slump, the price of weddings -- and the cost of being a bridesmaid -- is starting to rise.

"We saw the cost go down during the recession because brides were incredibly cost conscious in what they were asking their friends to do," Eisinger said.
Now, brides are asking for more formal weddings with larger price tags.
While women want to be in their best friend's wedding, some just can't spend all their savings on the big day. So how do you break it to the bride that you can't be her bridesmaid?
"Be honest up front," says Jodi R.R. Smith, author of "The Etiquette Book," which includes advice on everything from the proper music selection to the wording on wedding invitations.
"If you try to be able to do it, then you end up maxing out your credit cards and going into debt," Smith said. "You should never be going into debt for a friend's wedding."
Smith advises women to turn down bridesmaid offers in person, but never during a wedding-related event like the bridal shower. Instead, grab coffee or find a time to talk outside of work.
Don't "throw a fit" about the expenses, but just tell the truth, Eisinger says.
"You are allowed to say, 'Look, I'm just not going to be able to afford the $200 wedding dress and the trip to Mexico for the bachelorette party and the fact that it's a destination wedding in Key West,' " she said.
Destination weddings and honeymoons
Brides who want their friends to walk down the aisle with them will probably offer to pay for expenses like the dress or plane ticket to the wedding, Smith said.
"If it's a choice between having somebody be in your wedding party or having them all wear designer bridesmaid dresses, I would choose the people and the cheaper bridesmaid dress," Smith said.
Bridesmaid Christina Barkel was allowed to pick her own dress for a wedding as long as it was royal blue. After months of scouring sale racks and thrift stores, she found the perfect dress for only $40.
Barkel, an AmeriCorps member who earns a small stipend, is paying for only the dress and $450 plane ticket from Michigan to California to be in her friend's wedding in San Diego. Barkel said the bride offered to pay for three of her four nights in a hotel because she understands Barkel can't afford the expense.
Knowing what bridesmaids can and can't afford can be a tricky situation for brides. It's not polite to ask directly, so Smith advises brides to give a spreadsheet with an estimated cost of expenses to their bridesmaids. That way, women can see if their bank accounts can handle the final total.
More "Bridesmaids" coming down the aisles?
But like in the movie "Bridesmaids," unexpected surprises like a bachelorette party in Las Vegas do happen. In these cases, bridesmaids shouldn't be shy to offer alternatives.
"Instead of the bachelorette party in Vegas, [if] you're all East Coast people, have it in Atlantic City," Smith says.
University of Michigan graduate student Katie Okonowski, 23, will be a bridesmaid in her younger sister's wedding next spring. Okonowski said she was thrilled to hear that her sister chose a venue in their hometown of Dearborn, Michigan.

Baby's breath for ceremony decor?

So I changed my mind about my circle ceremony and going back to traditional ceremony set up now.. my venue can't really accomodate the circle ceremony option boo... I wanted 2 big vases of flowers (see picture the one with two big vases of green and pink arrangements)... i think that can cost me around $100 each... i wonder if I should just change that into a big arrangement of baby's breath...? not sure how much money will be saved there.... what do you think???

do you like baby's breath only arrangement?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips from Yifat Oren the wedding planner

Okay I totally grabbed this from Gia Canali the photographer's website, here it goes:

Yifat Oren has spent the last dozen years planning weddings and parties for some of the most discerning folks in Hollywood. When asked about her work, Yifat says, “I love what I do because I love what goes into weddings: design and décor, food and wine, fine papers, entertainment, and even the creativity that goes into executing it all flawlessly. I think the best weddings I do are a great collaboration between the clients and myself—that kind of collaboration breeds the most creative, trend-setting results.”

Those clients are high-powered and high-profile, everyone from Mariska Hargitay & Peter Hermann and Christine & Kevin Costner, to a host of Hollywood producers and business moguls. And while a lot of what these folks do for their weddings seems (or is!) totally unattainable for most of us, some of the most important and impactful aspects of planning a fantastic wedding translate perfectly to diy (or do-it-with-a-little-help) wedding planning. You don’t necessarily need more money or a bigger wedding budget; you just need a little forethought.

Consider The Guest Experience:
“Be thoughtful and cover your bases. When I’m planning a wedding, I walk through the entire event ahead of time, as if I am a guest. I imagine, for instance, “I just got off the shuttle. I left my hotel room an hour ago. I’m probably thirsty and I need shade because it’s hot. So we would serve cold beverages as soon as people get off the shuttle to quench their thirst and either a canopy or some market umbrellas for shade. The grass is tricky to walk on because ladies’ heels will sink. So we put out ‘heel savers’ … and so on, throughout the rest of the party, ending with a heater near the valet station, to be sure your guests aren’t freezing as they wait for their vehicles.”

Here are a few specific areas you can consider:
1. Be thoughtful about parking.
If you’re not doing a valet, it’s okay—just make sure there’s plenty of parking so your guests don’t have to walk too far or fight for spots.”

2. Consider the weather.
If there’s sun in everybody’s eyes during the ceremony, it’s awful. So offer some parasols or change the direction of the ceremony if possible. It’s nice to let people know, especially the ladies, what they can expect in terms of weather and terrain for the wedding day. If they’ll need to wear wedges, let them know. If it’s going to be cool during the evening but hot during the day, they might not think to bring wraps, so let them know ahead of time or provide them yourself.”

3. Consider the general appeal of the food.
You can be a total foodie, but if you want to serve something that’s wild and out there, do it as one of six appetizers, not as the main entreé that comes out for dinner.”

4. Consider your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Usually they have to be there hours ahead of time. Make sure there are cold drinks for them, somewhere for them to hang their coats and stash their stuff, somewhere to sit down, and some shade, especially in the summer.”

5. Consider the bathrooms.
Have someone checking the bathrooms throughout the night. Make sure they are clean, well-stocked, and that the plumbing is working. We like to set out nice hand-towels, not linen ones, but nice linen-like paper ones. We also leave things your guests might need in the bathroom—a nail file, clear nail polish, extra deodorant, nice soap, lotion, safety pins, a mini sewing kit, and feminine hygiene products.”

Monique Lhuillier Sample Sale July 10th Los Angeles

Went last December... bring lots of friends so they can hold on to the dresses you want... come early.. I didnt buy anything on that trip.. some are still expensive... some are more affordable.. good luck!

Check out this recent post on advice if you are planning on going this Sunday.

Anyone going to this sample sale?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bird cake topper

I don't know why... I have a thing for bird cake topper. This one is from Bhldn for $298.. Unfortunately I don't love it enough that I will pay $298 for it.. and it doesnt really go with our theme .. BOO...

mismatched bridesmaid dresses

My purple dress was designed by my Maid of Honour who will be designing my Indonesian traditional dress and my mom's dress for the wedding in LA. yay... i'm doing a mismatched bridesmaid dresses too...

How about you guys? are you doing mismatched bm dress?

Review of City of Commerce Flower

How do you not loveeee this centerpieces? And Duke send me home with this centerpiece and the bridesmaid bouquet and one stalk of this david austin Juliet which I looooveeee....

All in all I have been working with them probably since January. I just want to make a couple of notes for some of you who are looking for wedding florist in Los Angeles.

1. OMG the price.... their quotes are 30-40% lower than other quotes I have received.. This is mainly because they do big volumes.. 7 to 11 weddings in a day or maybe in a weekend?
2. They are the sweetest people ever... they will send you home with free samples... the two out of four times i've gone there.. they send me home with flowers.... awww...
3. since they do sooo many weddings... they are likely to have done flower arrangement at your venue.. Eddie told me in the beginning that my venue could get windy in September so bear that in mind.. especially when doing manzanite tree/ candles etc..
4. They are very frank.. and also want you to stay in budget. Duke would told me... no you don't really need that.. save that money for something else.. people won't really notice it....

1. they don't seem to have experience working with fancy/unusual roses? Or maybe Duke is kinda forgetful? I showed him the picture of David Austin Juliet which I said I MUST HAVE in my bouquet... He took a look at it and he said... " but that is peony".... I'm like... Mmmm.... NO.... That is garden roses... A little worrying... He told me to find out what the name of the flower , send it to him and he will get it for me.... Really really worrying.. but i did send it to him.. he called me back a couple days later to say that yes we can get it... and then afterwards when I went for my sample meeting; he did have those flowers in hand for other weddings... mm...
2. They want to keep a low budget sometimes more than i do.... Like if I said... i want dahlia/garden roses... they'll be like" ooh that cost too much..." and sometimes i just really want them..... like when i said i want this big dahlias... and theyll be like.. ooh they cost a lot.... Which is fine with me coz as my blog name says I have a champagne taste ("on a beer budget") so they help me stick to my budget....but if you have a somewhat bigger budget, i think the other florist i've met can be more creative and really create new things for you/ expand your visions...
3. They still do their proposal with pen and paper.... i love pen and paper... really.... but with multiple iteration and changing stuff... this makes me nervous !!!!! coz he'll be scratching things up from the proposal and changing it... really a little disorganized....... Makes me want to type the proposal out on excel spreadsheet and give it to them and be like.. OK you follow this okay.. Seriously i think i am really going to do it....... Among the four florist or so i've worked with, they are the only one who use pen and paper... and they have this big filing cabinet where they save your paper proposals........... MMMM........... as long as you get it right... i'm okay :) but i'm going to still print out those excel spreadsheet and be a little controlling...

Overall, I have a limited budget in flowers (taken out to a couple of my spending spree in invitation ; live event painter and the such...) so I will gladly work with them since it's 30-40% lower in prices... However.. if you have a more agreeable budget and want a more creative/attentive to detail vision.. I'd say you may want to look at those fancy flower boutique to help you build your vision...

Is there any vendors you really love eventhough you're still wedding planning?

Monday, June 27, 2011

"FORREST GUMP -The Feather Theme"- in Guitar Solo (Ibanez AS73)

Should I do this for my entrance instead of the song before? Very likely... This song reminds me of my time in Singapore when we played this song in my highschool ceremony..... as part of a group's entrance.... I'm not into the common bride's entrance songs... Canon in D and the likes.. Although Air in G does sound good in guitar

Storybook Love (Theme from The Princess Bride) Arranged for Classical Gu...

strong contender for a bride's entrance

Caro mio Ben - Fingerstyle Guitar

This song is definitely in my ceremony...

Los Angeles list of wedding venue

See here

it's very thorough with the names; address; approximate cost and contact numbers. granted the list is 2 years old... but it should give a good approximation

J. S. Bach: Air (Classical guitar)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Save the Date :: Zach & Chelsea

This is sooo cute.. Mallory Berry will do a stop motion video for you.. wth.. i totally would just ask her to do it instead of trying to figure it out myself.. the site states pricing starts from $100..

would you pay for this service?

Love Story: Andreana and Eddie

Our videographer Jeff Fletcher did this for a friend's love story video.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vera Wang Spring 2012 in real life

I went to Vera Wang for this Yifat Oren get together event back in April 2011 and they had the new dresses from Spring 2012... So GORGEOUS! Thank god it is not available before my wedding in September .. or i might just get tempted to get a "ceremony dress"

See for yourself...

Favorite Ceremony Wedding Decoration

one that I can not afford... but hey we can always day dream. Source from Axioo

DIY envelope liner

this is my first of a couple DIY.... eventhough i hate diy.. really i do... it all started when i was a kid... i was wrapping gifts... i think it was for christmas presents.. my brother (who is 8 years younger than me .. who is probably 8 years old at the time) and I were wrapping christmas presents.. I started gift wrapping my box... it was okay... i thought... and then my lil brother saw it and was like.. it doesnt' look good... and then he went on and wrap his gift.. and it does look way better.... i'm not detailed oriented so i dont care if some of the corners look messy while the others dont...

anyway i digress... DIY envelope liner.. I ordered my envelopes from and they just have to a different envelope flap (longer than the other envelopes); so i actually have to create my own envelope liner ugh... but if you have a normal A7 envelope, this envelope liner template should work well for you.. just click on the link , print and cut..

Next up i was lucky that my work has paper cutter lying around that I could *borrow* on the weekend... i can't imagine if I have to cut the envelope liner one by one.. DIE... i actually cut about 10 or so liners each time and I just have to round up the top rounded corner.... Afterwards I just put the liner to the envelopes and glue it... At first I used the regular glue stick, which works fine but it's a lil bumpy, so I read that glue dots will work well... I went to staples and bought this while it works pretty good.. it doesn't have a lot of glue on it so after prob 50 envelopes I ran out of 2 of this glue roll on and went back to glue sticks...

Pictures will follow once I send the envelopes..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

how does these stamps look?

it looks pretty good right? Albeit not really going with my casual elegant romantic theme?

hand cancelling stamps

I'm going to do this.. per Martha Stewart

I'll likely do it through Bridal Veil postal office in Oregan because it's the nearest state to California. It will cost mea bout $6 discounted rate to send by Fedex Ground 3 days to get there. They will hand cancel and charge 5c for anything past 50 invitations, which will cost like $5 for me... And I don't have to wait in line at LA USPS or deal with crappy customer service from the USPS or be told that they'll charge me $1 to hand cancel invitation... or mean story here $11 seems so worth it to me..

What do you think?? Call Geri at 503 695 2380 for Bridal Veil Post office

Addressing and Mailing Your Wedding Invitations
Special Postmark

The towns listed on the next slide will cancel your stamps for you, imprinting them with their sweet names. Enclose your stamped, addressed invitations in a large padded envelope or box, and include a note detailing your request. Address it to "Postmaster," followed by the name of your chosen town, state, and zip code; call ahead to let him or her know the invitations are on their way. Consider sending the envelopes Priority or Express Mail, so you can track the package. Allow enough time for invitations to be delivered, postmarked, and mailed out -- ask the postmaster how long it will take.

Towns with Sweet Names

Bliss, New York 14024; 585-322-7740
Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010; 503-695-2380
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514; 919-942-4170
Darling, Mississippi 38623; 662-326-8408
Deary, Idaho 83823; 208-877-1470
Groom, Texas 79039; 806-248-7988
Harmony, Rhode Island 02829; 401-949-2745
Honeyville, Utah 84314; 435-279-8213
Kissimmee, Florida 34744; 407-846-0999
Lovely, Kentucky 41231; 606-395-5848
Loving, Texas 76460; 940-378-2259
Luck, Wisconsin 54853; 715-472-2079
Romance, Arkansas 72136; 501-556-5911

Monday, June 13, 2011

my photographer JAC photography is featured on style me pretty

see here

my second wedding is cancelled....

ok yea so my parents gave me an option to cancel my second wedding in Jakarta and give me a saving account on that cost if i dont want to do the wedding. Which hell yea of course i want the saving instead of spending some 6 figure amount for 1000 people I hardly knew... but it also like.. why did you tell me this after we booked some wedding vendors in jakarta and paid some of them down payment UGGGHHH............

I ask her to tell me what is the cancellation policy on some of the vendors, will my future sis in law (my brother is getting married next year) take over some of these vendors? etc etc etc.....

I'm partly sad since I wanted an outdoor wedding here because I'll have a hotel wedding in jakarta... but more happy that i won't be wasting too much money on one day...

will let you know how this goes...

Friday, June 10, 2011

[Korea's Got Talent] tvN 코리아 갓 탤런트 Ep.1 Sung-bong Choi!!!.avi

awww.... ok not wedding related but more susan boyle like for korea

badgley mischka bridal heel 50% off

say whattt????

see here

I feel so unromantic

My girl friend is dating boys... and telling me stories about the boys.. (I'm still waiting for my girl friend to start a blog about her dating life because gosh there's a lot of crazy things going on there)... Anyway I digress, so she'll be telling me things like:
1. This boy I met created a facebook page, and he said he did it for me because he never had a fb profile before

My reaction: what???? Are you sure he's not just creating a fake fb profile to share with you since he has some stuff he wants to hide??

2. This boy I met wants me to meet him in this other city for a weekend...

My recation: what???? don't go he just wants to hook up.. tell him to come to your city

Really I'm an unromantic person... and not a trusting person either ...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The good news and the bad news....

The good news is my invitation came!!! Yay.. and the letterpress is gorgeous... makes me regret a lil bit that i didn't do letterpress on the information card, but not bad enough because i didn't want to destroy my stationery budget on it....

The bad news is... I did an envelope liner (which should be good).... but I lined my envelopes and label it using a radian white/regular paper.... but my invitation is natural white/more ivory #*$%(!*$#*($#(*!#(# WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFOREE ARGH........ IT LOOKS A LITTLE OFFFF I HATE IT.... ok it still looks good but it's not perfect GRRRRRR

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fellow bloggers, please help me...

Per Manda Mack's kind comment on my previous post where I'm complaining about being in a wedding rut, I'm turning to you guys for help...

Let's start with my wedding theme: casual, elegant, intimate.
Guest count: 150 to 175
Venue: Art Museum at the lawn, so outdoor. Reception and Ceremony at the same place (see picture of the lawn on top, that's the venue)
Details done:
1. Lanterns over the dance floor
2. String lights over the rest of the area
3. Circle ceremony inspired by picture above
4. Serving lemonade, ice tea, water for cocktail hours

What I can't figure out:
1. How do I bring in my Indonesian culture into this without being too much/ cheesy? Thinking of having an Indonesian dessert bar, next to my cake.
Have bought Indonesian puppet male and female, not sure where to put it (see image)
I bought this batik cloth (See image on top where the groom uses a black and white indonesian batik as this what do you call it - handkerchief on the pocket?). Should I create a bunting flags to put over the last row of chair behind ceremony? Or maybe put it behind my bride and groom chairs? Should i follow this and put it on the groom's handkerchief and on the bride's bouquet?

2. Very concerned about the whole feel of the wedding, the event design specifically. I only have talked to the forist for now. Should I be starting DIY projects too? AAHHH... See I'm like all over the place I dont know what to doo... help

Also want to direct you guys to SMP which just posted this wedding in Bali incorporating some of the indonesian culture...