Thursday, June 2, 2011

Calligraphy my !#$(*&%@!

I didn't want to pay for calligraphy... At $1++ for addressing outer envelope, I just don't have enough budget for it... I thought I could do calligraphy myself.. until I tried on an envelope and it looked god ugly... GAH..... THIS SUCKS

To that end, I decided to now just use a wrap around label... yea yea yea ok tacky not the etiquette bla bla bla.. i'm blaming my non american root for my ignorance :P

On the other hand if you need a calligrapher, a friend and a lot of people refer me to this person Michelle Clark
She's pretty affordable and her works looks good but she booked up fast so please reach out to her if you need a calligrapher.... and I'm on the hound for a wrap around label templates... I've found a couple :

Martha stewart

I'll post more when I found more

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