Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cheap Letterpress Invitation: Mercurio Brothers

So some of you who follow my blog, might have heard of my invitation woe.. I want letterpress.. I don't want to pay for the price..and I can't do illustrator.. great combination... So what's a girl gotta do to afford it... I perused lots and lots of boards, emailed a bunch of letterpress company and ask for their rates and I finally found the most affordable with a great quality letterpress: Mercurio Brothers.

I worked mainly with Nicole there and she's great... At first it's really hard to get any email reply from her.. but she's always available when I call her. and she quoted the most affordable wedding design cost (compared to again all the etsy vendors I've reach out to/letterpress company). The good thing is I know which invitation as an inspiration so things have worked marvellously. The only problem is of course, I printed two colors on a Somerset 300 gsm paper and also printed out an information ticket and now I spend almost all my stationery budget on these invitations (and I have not budgeted enough on the program/placecard/thank you card). Kill Me... who knows program is soo bloody expensive....

So i plan to print all these other stationeries at work and cut them at work (sssh... dont tell anyone at work ok...) will give you guys picture next month after I send it out to my guests..

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