Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hand cancelling stamps

I'm going to do this.. per Martha Stewart

I'll likely do it through Bridal Veil postal office in Oregan because it's the nearest state to California. It will cost mea bout $6 discounted rate to send by Fedex Ground 3 days to get there. They will hand cancel and charge 5c for anything past 50 invitations, which will cost like $5 for me... And I don't have to wait in line at LA USPS or deal with crappy customer service from the USPS or be told that they'll charge me $1 to hand cancel invitation... or mean story here $11 seems so worth it to me..

What do you think?? Call Geri at 503 695 2380 for Bridal Veil Post office

Addressing and Mailing Your Wedding Invitations
Special Postmark

The towns listed on the next slide will cancel your stamps for you, imprinting them with their sweet names. Enclose your stamped, addressed invitations in a large padded envelope or box, and include a note detailing your request. Address it to "Postmaster," followed by the name of your chosen town, state, and zip code; call ahead to let him or her know the invitations are on their way. Consider sending the envelopes Priority or Express Mail, so you can track the package. Allow enough time for invitations to be delivered, postmarked, and mailed out -- ask the postmaster how long it will take.

Towns with Sweet Names

Bliss, New York 14024; 585-322-7740
Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010; 503-695-2380
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514; 919-942-4170
Darling, Mississippi 38623; 662-326-8408
Deary, Idaho 83823; 208-877-1470
Groom, Texas 79039; 806-248-7988
Harmony, Rhode Island 02829; 401-949-2745
Honeyville, Utah 84314; 435-279-8213
Kissimmee, Florida 34744; 407-846-0999
Lovely, Kentucky 41231; 606-395-5848
Loving, Texas 76460; 940-378-2259
Luck, Wisconsin 54853; 715-472-2079
Romance, Arkansas 72136; 501-556-5911

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