Friday, April 1, 2011

Cheap Letterpress Invitation

Source: Bellafigura Letterpress

So... I was going to find an invitation person in Indonesia that I can use to produce a cheap invitation for my Los Angeles wedding... I found a vendor who quoted me about $3+ for a deboss/embossed wedding invitation and possibly an RSVP card. It's pretty nice, it includes lining on the envelopes, two colors, print on each side of the invitations, prints on the front of the envelopes and the designs.. It's a strong contender... However... I was perusing the weddingbee site and I found this post.

and I'm like... HEERMM.....

Check out Mercurio Brothers

I maybe able to afford this letterpress... It's coming up to be around $520 before tax and shipping for:
- 160 invitations letterpress 2 colors
- 170 regular envelopes
- 160 digitally print information cards

So it'll probably about $4+ /invitation for this

And i'm not doing RSVP card because I've had two weddings recently who are directing people to the RSVP website so I'm following on these footsteps, I'm being green and I'm getting my letterpress invitation :)

The only downside is that I don't really like any of their designs, I've emailed them and have not heard back (BOO....) but I did call them and they seemed fine... and all these people I've reached out to to see if they can custom make an invitation for me will charge $500-$1000.... or there are some options to use ready made invitation and changing things for about $100.. none of the designs I like..

Time to outsource things to Indonesia again.

i also found another cheap/affordable letterpress too, the Aerialist Press.


  1. You should also check out the L letterpress machine if you are a DIY type of bride! I am getting one soon for our invites :)

  2. I set up a RSVP website for my guests and only 6 of them used it. We expected our tech savvy peers to RSVP online but most sent the RSVP card back. I expect our older guests to not do either as I have received very few invites from them. In general, I like the look of a complete invite suite. We did eliminate some stationary so save money and used recycled paper for things like our save the date. As for letter press, try checking out The White Aisle. They offer mix printing methods to save money like letter press invite, digital off set RSVP or Event card. Single color letter press will also save some moolah. Thermography is also a great alternative too. also has a slew of fantastic letter press invites - my fave from Blush Design Studio.

  3. Hi Moni,

    Thanks on your note. Really.... haha I really hope they RSVP online OR i'm going to put my number on it so they can call me. Let me check out The White Aisle. I loooveeee Blush Design Studio.. but they are also over my budget :(

  4. hi Karissa, I'm not a DIY type.... :( I prefer not to rather than wasting a whole day trying to do something and realizing it does not look good...

  5. @Karissa: I can't post comments on your blog .. not sure why... maybe coz i'm on chrome?