Friday, April 22, 2011

Invitation Woe...

Really invitation why are you sooooo expensiveee? Can't I get an affordable good custom designed wedding invitation? This is going to be my next entrepeneurship endeavour: get a bunch of graphic designer from Indonesia to do custom wedding invitation at an affordable rate. What do you brides think?

Since I last found Mercurio Brothers, I have only found Reaves Engravings to be a serious contender on the price. Reaves Engravings also send me samples for free.. which is awesome.. the bad news is that Reaves Engravings does not do custom wedding invitation design and I'm not exactly blown away with the papers. Now Mercurio Brothers... I bought a sample from them for $5 on April 1st (yes and today is April 22nd ) and I still have not gotten the samples yet... I've emailed them a lot.. and they had resend me another sample last week.. and I still have not gotten it. They have now sent me a third sample to my home address and let's see if I will get it.They also do custom invitation design at $80/hour although I don't know how long it will take.

I found an Indonesian designer who will do a full invitation set(invitation, info card, place card, program) for $350. which is expensive for Indonesian standard..... and I have yet to find a competitive rate from Indonesia. We'll see....

So why the insistance on a custom wedding invitation design... more to come on my next post :)

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