Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cake tasting: Lido Bakery Manhattan Beach

Lido Bakery
3001 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Neighborhood: Manhattan Beach
(310) 545-8955

i'm a woman on a mission....... to find a great tasting wedding cake at a super limited budget.................

So I always have SLJ's tripple berry cake for my birthday.... alas for my wedding I can't afford the $7.25/a person wedding cake at SLJ not to mention the potential for super bad customer service.. I was looking through chowhound and saw that lido bakery's cakes taste similar to SLJ.. say what? How come I didn't know about this for the past 7 years....

So i went to Lido Bakery and scheduled a testing, their price is still slightly above my budget but...... their berry & cream is goood... very very similar to SLJ, slight difference in my opinion on the buttercream. Lido's seems to be a little too soft, it could be just that one cake... but everything else is the same, the design is even the same! The berries and cream is at $5.50/person.

I also really liked the German chocolate cake (that has nuts and coconut, chocolate) and the Italian rum (rum, vanilla? buttercream, chocolate). These two cakes are at $4.50/person. Obviously I'm going to do a sheet cake.

The only downside for other brides to be is their delivery charge is $2.75 per mile (or something around that number) and they charge you on ROUND TRIP! Which will be $110 for me.... which is insane... They suggest that I get someone to pick up the cake... but I dont know if I want that risk... sigh decision decision decision


  1. yummmm that all looks and sounds so good! Cake tasting is so much fun..good luck deciding!

  2. yes.. they are good.. i think i might have to go with Lido.. even though their delivery cost is crazy...

  3. Oh but you can have a dessert bar! Sweet and Saucy in Long Beach is my favorite place to go for a sugar fix. If I had a second wedding which I am wondering I should do when I return to Cali this summer. I would have them do my cake and dessert bar! btw I have never tried the triple berry cake at either Lido's or SLJ's