Friday, August 5, 2011

DIY Menu Canvas board

Okay first see this post where I talk about my love for chalk boards but I have no money or the intention to create a chalk board.

Next see some inspiration pictures:

and then of course don't forget my invitation which also has made it into the menu board:

And... the final result.. ta da..........

It takes me about 3 hours to do or maybe 2.5 hours.

First i have an old canvas, big enough for the menu, I paint it all black... Let it dry for a couple days...

Second, I start to write the Menu on it using pencil.. That might be hard if you're not as good on keeping the writing straight so use rulers and stuff

Third, I decided to go with white paint (instead of grey which is my color) to make it contrast more and start writing over my pencil. and then add those pink flowers (inspired from my invitation) into it..

Fourth, I haven't done it but I am hoping to erase the pencil writings.. either by an eraser (gosh I hope it works) or just painting black over it.. The beauty of oil paint is you can just paint over it if it's wrong.. i heard acrylic dry faster but I like the look of oil for colors better...

Good luck trying!! What do you think of my menu canvas board?


  1. Oooh I love this! Its such a great alternative to the chalkboard.
    I could just see myself working on a chalkboard for hours and some kid coming up and swiping his hand across it :/ haha

  2. Love it.. I am currently working on mine.. so yours is an inspiration!! LOVE how you incorperated your invites into this!!