Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tips about Monique Lhuillier Sample Sale July 10th 2011 Los Angeles

I went to ML sample sale last December and here are some tips if you are planning on going for the July 10th sample sale in Los Angeles:
1. Go online to browse the dresses. Take note which one you like. Make an appointment to the regular ML store and come and try out the dresses. The sample sale won't have the most current season's dresses on sale but it will have the previous season. It's good to know what you are looking for (if not on a specific dress, at least on a style you like) so you can grab the ones you like
2. Wait in line early... like reallyyy reallyyy early... People are sleeping on the street to wait in line. There's meter parking (free coz it's sunday) and there is a starbucks (I think it's sbux about a block from the place) so you can go to restroom/grab coffee or tea. I think the starbucks open at 7am?
3. Dress appropriately. There is a gigantic room to change, wear underwear that will be good to wear under your wedding dresses so you can know exactly what the dress will look like on you. The sample dresses are mostly size 8 to 12... so you will need to alter it
4. Bring lots of friends if you can but if they are going to just join you around 10am and make the rest of the people behind you go down in number (They'll give you a number to get in based on your rank in line) be courteous and don't bring your whole village and make the rest who waited since dawn to go down the rank too much. Bringing lots of friends help you to get a hold of the dresses you want. You can only bring three dresses to the changing room.
5. They accept credit chard and cash.
6. The dresses are on sale but the not so simple ones are still in the thousands of dollars.. The one I had liked was $5K...after discount.. SIGH
7. Have fun.. bring your MOH/BM/Moms... They also have accessories, RTW and veil

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