Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been busy.. :( not in a good way

yes sorry i have not been posting.... :( sad sad sad... lots of things going on.. not good ones either..... work is not good and it's busy... and i just moved ugh.... and need to find a new apartment..... see how could i do wedding planning with this???

let's see... this week A is trying to find our wedding bands.. we overspent on other items.. so the rings have been cut down drastically... we are trying to figure out what we want... A wants a rose gold ring... while im getting platinum.. i know.. i know.. he likes it what can i say?

he also needs to find his wedding suit.. because he insist to buy it instead of rent...... he's definitely behind on that end.. i told him just make sure u have a suit by the wedding date... my planner wants him to have a suit by mmm..... 4 days ago? :)

How are you girls getting your man to be on time? maybe i should get a different tactic

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  1. My fiance also bought his suit.. from express.. they actually have some really nice suits. Although i dont know what to tell you about getting him to do it... im still waiting on addresses from my fiance for some of the people he's inviting. Mind you I sent the invites 3 weeks.