Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big News: Apertura Photo did our Engagement Session Yesterday

YAYYYYY................... I think it's all fate............... Apertura Photo in Corona is top 10 wedding photographer in US in 2009.. I had reached out to them but their rate is way beyond my budget so I couldn't do it.. A couple weeks ago, I got a linkedin invite from Erwin , one of the photographer partners at Apertura. I didn't recognize the name and I clicked on it trying to figure out who he is, which brought me to his website and then his blog. And his blog shows his latest twitter posts and I saw that he said he needed a volunteer couple to do engagement session for a video shoot......So I emailed them my picture and hope.... We didn't hear from them until the day of the shoot supposed to happen so I figure we didn't get it... And then around 2pm yesterday, Ray (the other partner) emailed us and said the volunteer couple dropped out and was wondering if we are available... (OK so we are not first choice, it's okay.. still get a free engagement session)....

So we did that yesterday.. we were 30 minutes late... sorry.... !! but we went to pasadena and walked around there to take picture.. I reallyy really really really enjoyed /loved working with Apertura Photo both Erwin and Ray. After 20 minutes, the videographer actually left to go catch their flight. I figured Erwin and Ray would stop photographing us soon after that since they won't be videotaped anymore. I was wrong.. they did a full 2 hour engagement session with us (I think generally engagement session is 1 hour long) i think it's also because both Erwin and Ray are main photographers so they each styled us and thus it takes 2 hours..

In terms of style, Erwin and Ray are very urban, hip, lots of lighting play, a lil vogue styling too... They are the kindest people and they are supper passionate of their works. You can really tell if they spend 2 hours with us when we don't pay them and they are actually printing out some photos for us (of a $1000 value) I know I know I told you it's fate.. luck.. what ever you call it..

Soooo if you guys are looking for a wedding photographer, do check out Apertura Photo I really recommend both of them. They are both passionate, great to work with and professionals. Good luck, let me know if you have any question at all.

OOH.. and Apertura photo just did the shoot for the fashion tips

from Junebug that launched today.

Note: I still love our wedding photographer :) Really... :)

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  1. Lucky!! When will you be getting the pictures?! Cant wait to see them:)