Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wrap up of my favorite wedding film photographer part 1

which I believe almost all, if not all, are shooting film (and some part digitals).. So with no order of preference:
1. Lane Dittoe - San Clemente, CA
While I have not dealt with Lane at all , i know for sure he shoots film and you can see the softness of his works. I first stumbled upon him because he was featured on style me pretty's e-magazine

2. Ja Tecson - Los Angeles, CA

Yes the picture above is from his real wedding. He does commercial/fashion shoot too , his website is pretty cool as well.

3. Tec Petaja - Nashville, Tennesse
Love his work.. i think he travels to CA a lot to for weddings..

4. Jose Villa - Santa Barbara, CA

Need I say more?

5. Elizabeth Messina - Santa Barbara, CA
Amazing work... Jose Villa's wedding photography is Elizabeth Messina...... Enough affirmation.. I went to a wedding where it was so awesome (personal, comfortable , intimate) and Elizabeth was her photographer.. amazing work OK.. the picture above is the wedding I went to..

6. Lisa Lefkowitz - Bay Area/SF, CA
Sigh.. look at the amazing film photography.. the softness, the color.. mind blowing

7. Ryan Ray Photography - Texas
I recently found Ryan's work through In The Now wedding planner in Santa Ana. He flew often to CA and his prices seems reasonable. Pretty sure he shoots film too :)

8. Braedon Flynn - Orange County, CA
soo bummed that he's not available for our wedding date... amazing work

Okay so that's it for now.. but believe me I still have moreeeee film wedding photographer to come..

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