Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Table tops: Lace tied napkin; cake stand; dome cover

Here are things I am lusting over right now.... Should I do it???? Love the lace tied napkins.... dome cover cake stands and the inside will be one big flower....

How how.. should I pull the trigger? The cheapest I found on pink lace is about $4 per 8 yards.. I'm guessing I will spend about $50 on that total... Here's one I found

The cheapest I've found on the dome cover is about $15 on Pottery Barn. See here and here

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  1. The inspiration pictures are to die for!! I feel like I’m on the same boat.. all the big vendor stuff is taken care of now it’s up to the little details the ones that we don’t have to have but want to have. Like my chiavari chairs and lace tablecloths :/ I’m trying to find budget savvy ways of incorporating these things..