Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding Invitation Reveal...

Yes yes yes i know... it's been a while since I said i will reveal.. so without further a do...

I kinda wish you guys can see the letterpress better ugh..

Aren't they gorgeous though!!!

Here are some recaps on past posts. Starting from my first review on Mercurio brothers, followed by my DIY envelope liner
to hand cancelling stamps (where I send my invitations to Bridal Veil, Oregon, and not a single person commented on the hand cancellation cute doves - how depressing). Lastly my inspiration that gets me to the final invitation as well as of course Bellafigura that inspires the whole set.

Nicole at Mercurio Brothers was great to work with. She was the one who created the admission ticket (love love love love....) Can you give me advice on what I should do with those admission tickets.. Should I ask guests to bring it and in exchange we'll have some usher in front passing the wedding program as an exchange of the admission ticket (playing off the art museum theme here)... My fi thinks this is a stupid idea... and i will make people feel bad if they forget the tickets... :( mm i dont think so....

Ok please please please give me advice and what do you think of my invitation (u have to love it , no love no comment :P)

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