Friday, April 22, 2011

Our fake Save the Date video..

Okay I say fake because this is not really our Save the Date, I tweaked a couple of the search keywords... and also this may not make sense to some of you but we met at Bodega wine bar in Santa Monica (thus the map search), we are both a graduate of UCLA Anderson MBA. I'm Indonesian and not used to dating American and I needed to get a US working visa to stay here. Also both of us work in the internet industry, so the google search STD is a lil within our realm of career. And then at the end of our real STD video.. I put in my wedding venue and website information...

I'm being green coz I didn't save any STD card.. yay.... and I saved some money too haha...

If you want to copy this idea, which one of my friend whose fiance works at Google plan to do, it's totally fine because I have sent out my STD :P

You can do so here

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