Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm back.. and my engagement pictures

As you may have read from my previous posts, I was having problems finding the perfect engagement dress for my Chinese Engagement ceremony/party in Indonesia. On my last day before flying to Indonesia, I went to Neiman Marcus and arrived there are 5.45pm (the store closes at 6pm). I was to leave for the airport at 8.30pm. Anyway I went there to return my previous purchases because I had bought 4 dresses (2 style each at size 2 and 4) and I had to return the size 2 of each dresses. I hate Vera Wang Lavender dress sizes, I'm a size 2 damnit, they need to correct those sizes....

Ok back to the story, I finished returning the dresses at 5.50pm and saw that they had some new set of dresses and so quickly peered through them. Find a couple I liked and went on to try the dresses 10 minutes before closing time. Find a long gown I liked and bought it then. Record time for shopping!!! I usually have to ponder about it but ah what the hell..... See the cute flowing dress up there, that's my score for that day.

When I went to Indonesia, I met up with my makeup artist , who will be my wedding day make up artist. She said my Vera Wang and my engagement dress is S-I-M-P-L-E.... say what??? They are not simple.... they are modern and elegant!! Okay maybe simple for a common Indonesian wedding dress, see below , source Axioo

GAH, but anyway so my mom got annoyed AT ME! Because she feels overdressed with her dress and wanted me to buy a new dress say 20 hours before the said engagement party. So we went to a nearby mall and try out 20+ dresses, all of them full with sequins and crystals and bling bling but none I loved. Thank God I stood my ground and still wear my dress. SO that's a mini recap of my trip!

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