Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday blues....

if you recall I was trying to find an engagement dress for my upcoming trip on wednesday to Indonesia for my Chinese Engagement.

Dress #1 and #2: FAIL
I ordered two dresses from but put in the wrong address so it never got to me and they don't have time to reship it to me by this Wednesday

Dress #3 : FAIL
I ordered a Temperley London dress from which came on time BUT it does not look good AND it does not fit. (In that order!) so off it goes back to gilt..

Dress #4: FAIL
Bought a Marchessa Notte dress. After I went home, it just looks tooo sexy.. can't do it. So I returned it.

Dress #5 and #6: PENDING
I ordered two Vera Wang Lavender dresses from Neiman Marcus yesterday for a next day delivery. The dresses will arrive tomorrow. We'll see how those goes

Dress #7: UGH
My last resort is this dress i had where my fashion designer friend design and I custom make it in Indonesia. I made the dress probably 4 years ago. I tried it on yesterday after 2 years not wearing it. UGH! It is snug.... like very snug... it's kinda backless and you can see my back is trying to pop out... and my triceps area don't look too good either. UUUGGHHH!!! I do love the design on this dress though. Note to self: Please make my Parson-schooled friend to design more dresses because it's much cheaper than buying them in LA and her design is on par with J. Mendel's dresses.

Hoping dress #5 and #6 fit perfectly.

I also had to order size 2 and 4 for both dresses in case it does not fit.

I just measured my waist and it's at 27" which is a size 6 in US (SHRIEKK.... I used to be 0,now 2. )

I have 7 days to lose weight and fit dress #7.

Went to a body sculpting class during lunch at work, going to yoga after work, eating salad.


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