Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Hair styles: Up vs Down?

Before I get my dress, I knew for sure that I wanted my hair up. It's just so elegant and chic. Of course I was dreaming of my mermaid wedding dress.

But now that I have my dress and it's a ballgown for my 150 guests outdoor wedding, I'm thinking that maybe I should have my hair down to kinda downplay the formality of my gown. It just makes it more casual.


  1. This was my debate since the begining... I too decided im going to go with the " hair down" option romantic soft curls.. althought I have a vintage styled mermaid gown .. I just think the romantic curls will go with the outside ceremony feel..

  2. i know right.. this sucks... my dress has arrived and i am still undecided... ugh