Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY envelope liner

this is my first of a couple DIY.... eventhough i hate diy.. really i do... it all started when i was a kid... i was wrapping gifts... i think it was for christmas presents.. my brother (who is 8 years younger than me .. who is probably 8 years old at the time) and I were wrapping christmas presents.. I started gift wrapping my box... it was okay... i thought... and then my lil brother saw it and was like.. it doesnt' look good... and then he went on and wrap his gift.. and it does look way better.... i'm not detailed oriented so i dont care if some of the corners look messy while the others dont...

anyway i digress... DIY envelope liner.. I ordered my envelopes from and they just have to a different envelope flap (longer than the other envelopes); so i actually have to create my own envelope liner ugh... but if you have a normal A7 envelope, this envelope liner template should work well for you.. just click on the link , print and cut..

Next up i was lucky that my work has paper cutter lying around that I could *borrow* on the weekend... i can't imagine if I have to cut the envelope liner one by one.. DIE... i actually cut about 10 or so liners each time and I just have to round up the top rounded corner.... Afterwards I just put the liner to the envelopes and glue it... At first I used the regular glue stick, which works fine but it's a lil bumpy, so I read that glue dots will work well... I went to staples and bought this while it works pretty good.. it doesn't have a lot of glue on it so after prob 50 envelopes I ran out of 2 of this glue roll on and went back to glue sticks...

Pictures will follow once I send the envelopes..

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