Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why I am not changing my last name?

I mean really why am I not changing my last name.. My name is 8 letters long.. and not some easy to spell last name either... like Matthews ( yes those are 8 letters long, I counted ;) )... When people ask for my last name I have to go ... B as in Boy... A as in Apple ( Just as an example, not really my last name)... My husband (YAY I KNOW NOW HUSBAND.. we got married 4 weeks ago, but that is a different story) is 4 letters common short name...... Sigh Why I am not changing my last name , in order of importance: 1. I don't want to deal with the paperworks and I am not talking about just American paperworks.. but also Indonesian paperworks and my 7 years visa / paperworks in US bearing my maiden name and reporting to Indonesian government etc etc.. 2. Most Indonesian women don't change their last names. My mom didn't. They still go with Mrs. Husband's last name in social context but you don't need to legally change your last name to be Mrs. Husband's last name, although A wants to be technically correct and does not want us to be annouced by Mr. and Mrs. his last name That's it two valid reasons for me.. I dont think hubby is 100% with me (maybe 80%) ... but I am sticking with it.. I have friends who will only change their last name to husband's last name when they have kids.. interesting takes... What do you guys think? Are you changing/ not changing your last names?

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  1. I am definitely changing my last name. My name is common and hyphenated (so it's really long) and my fiance's last name is short and unique AND sounds REALLY cute with my first name lol!

    Huh I never heard of women not changing their names until children. Very interesting!