Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding dresses we said no to...........

You guys might or might not remember , but I had gone to 13 individual stores to check out wedding dresses and have probably tried on 50+ dresses before finally buying the one.. It's not that these dresses are not beautiful... but it was just not the one... so what do you guys think of these dresses? how many dresses did you try before buying the one? I took a picture of most of the dresses I have tried so there are more to come!


  1. I tried on about 50+ as well..but spread out over 4 different places. You certainly tried on an array of different dresses! Clearly, anything looks good on you, but from what I can tell (of the sneak peak you gave us) you made the best choice!

  2. yess too many dresses.. that was too much time spent on it.. but then again it's once in a lifetime (cross finger :P)